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Rust server hosting

Cheap Rust server hosting, always with SSD storage and powerful processors. Supplied directly from Etheron Hosting.

Rust Packages

Revolver server
Revolver Server

6 GB RAM See all features

Shotgun server
Shotgun Server

8 GB RAM See all features

Rocket server
Rocket Server

10 GB RAM See all features

beancan server
beancan Server

12 GB RAM See all features


Easy-to-use panel

Manage your Rust game server easily with our WISP panel.

Unlimited slots

Choose how many players can play on your server.

DDoS protection

Keep all DDoS attacks (up to 1.5 Tb/s) out of your server so you can always play.

Easy-to-use panel

Manage your Minecraft server easily through our powerful control panel
  • Manage files online
  • sFTP access
  • 2FA security
  • Oxide plugins
  • Online console
  • Database management
  • Subusers
  • Automatic updates
Wisp panel

All Rust server features

All packages have these features.

SSD opslag


Instant delivery



at any time


Rust hosting

The goal in Rust is to build your own base and defend yourself against intruders. Because there are expensive items in the game there is never any peace. You start with only a stone as a weapon so you must quickly make sure that you become stronger by, for example, making a bow. When you are stronger, you can also go hunting to other bases and steal items.

You can become stronger by keeping things safe and upgrading them to iron or even metal. Now you can engage in battles with other players to get a cargo drop, for example.

Goedkope Rust hosting Nederland
Goedkope Rust server hosting

Rust updates

Every month there is a Rest update. With this update it is obligatory to update, this ensures that every player has to start over every month. Your server will automatically update to the latest version after a restart.

Cheap Rust server hosting

We offer cheap Rust server hosting without any loss of quality. Your server will have super fast NVMe SSD storage and powerful processors for a smooth gaming experience. Our support department is available every day via Discord and email. Host your own Rust server at Etheron Hosting today! Do you have any questions? Let us know!

Frequently asked questions

How much RAM your server needs depends on several factors:
- How many players are going to play on your server.
- The more players, the more RAM you will need. The more players, the more RAM you will need. Not sure how much RAM you need? You can upgrade to a bigger package at any time!

Yes, every time you reboot it checks for updates for your Rust server. These will be installed immediately. You can also have Oxide plugins updated automatically via a setting in Management > Startup Parameters on the game panel.

Each Rust server has 20GB of SSD storage! Need more? Then feel free to contact us to upgrade your storage for free!

All our game servers run on the Wisp panel. This panel is made to easily manage all your game servers with high uptime.