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ValheimPlus Server 1
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5 GB RAMSuitable for 1-10 players See all features

ValheimPlus Server 2
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6 GB RAMSuitable for 1-10 players See all features

ValheimPlus Server 3
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8 GB RAMSuitable for 1-10 players See all features


DDoS protection

Keep all DDoS attacks (up to 1.5 Tb/s) out of your server so you can always play.

Easy-to-use panel

Manage your Valheim game server easily with our WISP panel.

Valheim Plus Mod

The Valheim Plus Mod is installed automatically so you can get started right away!

Easy-to-use panel

Manage your Valheim server easily through our powerful control panel
  • Manage files online
  • sFTP access (upload your own world)
  • 2FA security
  • Server password
  • Online console
  • World switcher
  • Subusers
  • Automatic updates
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All Valheim server features

All packages have these features.

SSD storage


Instant delivery

Upload your
own world


at any time

Hosted in
the Netherlands


Valheim hosting

Survive with 1 to 10 players with the goal to reach the Asgard. Work together to become stronger by creating buildings, items and fighting monsters.

There are 280 different items (weapons, materials, armour etc) in the game. These can be made or found. In addition, there are about 120 different construction items and about 35 different types of creatures, including monsters, animals and bosses.

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Cheap Valheim server hosting

We offer cheap Valheim server hosting without any loss of quality. Your server will have super fast SSD storage and powerful processors for a smooth gaming experience. Our support department is available every day via Discord and e-mail. Host your own Valheim server at Etheron Hosting today! Do you have any questions? Let us know!

What is Valheim Plus?

This HarmonyX Mod is aimed at improving the gameplay quality and the quality of life of Valheim. The mod contains several main features including modifiers for ingame stats of players, buildings and entities and an advanced system to build and place objects with high precision and a system to modify already placed objects with high precision.

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