Place your own server in Amsterdam. Connected to a fast and low-latency network.

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Reliable Colocation

Your own server starting from €30 per month in Amsterdam

Prices from* Colocation 1U
Colocation 2U
Colocation 1/3 Rack
Colocation 1/2 Rack
Colocation Full Rack
Power (included) 0.5 Amps 0.5 Amps 500 kWh 750 kWh 1000 kWh
Traffic (included) 5TB 5TB 15TB 25TB 50TB
Uplink 1 Gbit 1 Gbit 1 Gbit 10 Gbit 10 Gbit
IPv4 Addresses €1.25 each €1.25 each €1.10 each €1 each €1 each
SLA Entry Standard Standard Standard Advanced
Own IP Space Possible
*prices are excluding VAT

Interested in colocation at Etheron Hosting? Contact us for the possibilities!

Colocation in Amsterdam

We have multiple racks in the Qupra Datacenter in Amsterdam, offering endless possibilities. Choose from a single unit or full rack colocation.
Additionally, we offer supplementary services such as:

  • Remote hands
  • Technical support
  • Hardware on loan
  • Lease-to-own hardware
  • 10Gig uplink
Dedicated Server Hardware