SLA support

Faster support for the right price.

SLA levels

The Etheron SLA support levels guarantee faster and better support for all your questions and problems. We have different support levels to ensure that each customer receives the appropriate support that matches their package.

Our SLA support levels

Entry Standard Advanced Deluxe Ultimate
Maximum Response Time during office hours 24 hours 12 hours 6 hours 4 hours 3 hours
Ticket Priority None 1 2 3 4
DDoS Protection Included Included Included Included Included
Website Support None 15 min per month 30 min per month 1 hour per month 1.5 hours per month

In our SLA support levels, tickets are sorted by priority according to the SLA support level of your package. This means a ticket with a premium SLA support level will be prioritized higher and handled faster than a ticket with a budget SLA support.

Our helpdesk is open Monday to Friday from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM.

For SLA Deluxe & Ultimate, we are also available on weekends from 12:00 PM to 5:00 PM.

During these times, you can contact our helpdesk colleagues who will answer your question.

Website Support

Our support for website problems or malware does not guarantee a solution. We solely provide hosting services and are not website builders or programmers. Customers with higher SLA levels receive support that involves looking into the problem with them and thinking about possible solutions. However, the maintenance of the website always remains the customer's responsibility.