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High performance Dedicated servers at an affordable price.

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Reliable Dedicated Servers

Discover the perfect balance between performance and price with our Dedicated Servers.

Easy management

Easily manage your Dedicated Server through our control panel. In this control panel, you can easily install a new operating system and access the server's IPMI.

Dedicated hosting paneel

DDoS Protection

Your Dedicated Server is standardly protected against DDoS attacks. Any time of the day, regardless of the duration or scale.

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A dedicated server is a physical server where all the hardware is exclusively allocated to the user. The server is hosted in a data center, and all the server resources are solely available to the user.

Our dedicated servers are available in many different configurations to meet a wide range of needs. Depending on your requirements, you can choose more RAM, storage, or a faster processor.

A dedicated server offers better control, scalability, and can be customized to your needs. This ensures high performance and makes it possible to host intensive applications and websites.

Most configurations on our website are delivered immediately. You can start installing your desired operating system right away and be online with your idea within minutes!

Our dedicated servers are delivered with high-quality hardware. This ensures high uptime.

At Etheron Hosting, you are not bound by any contract. You pay in advance for a chosen billing period, and we give you the freedom to cancel at any time.

Dedicated Server Hardware