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Play together on many different platforms! Windows 10 Edition, Java, iOS and Android

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Minecraft Bedrock Packages

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Parrot server
Parrot Server

3 GB RAM See all features

Ghast server
Ghast Server

5 GB RAM See all features

Guardian server
Guardian Server

7 GB RAM See all features

Bee server
Bee Server

10 GB RAM See all features


DDoS protection

Keep all DDoS attacks off your server so you can always play.

Bedrock én Java!

Play together on your server with the Bedrock (pocket edition) version and Java! So you can play together on Windows 10 Edition, Java, iOS and Android!

Unlimited slots

Choose how many players can play on your server.

All Minecraft server features

All packages have these features.

SSD storage


Instant delivery





Bedrock server hosting

Start your own Minecraft Bedrock server at Etheron Hosting. Fast support and servers. Get started directly after payment! Playable on: Windows 10 Edition, Java, iOS and Android!

Pocket edition

It used to be called Pocket Edition. Nowadays your Bedrock server runs on a normal Java server. There is a plugin in your server that allows you to join via any Minecraft! You don't have to do anything, your server will be delivered directly including the plugin. So you can start right away!

Etheron Hosting Minecraft Bedrock server hosting
GeyserMC server hosting

GeyserMC Hosting

Every server comes with the GeyserMC plugin by default. This plugin allows you to access your server from any Minecraft version.

How it works

Geyser translates all communication (network packets) between the server and the player. The Java messages are converted to Bedrock, and those from Bedrock to Java, this ensures that you can play on this server using Bedrock and Java!

Easy-to-use panel

Manage your Minecraft server easily through our powerful control panel.
    Manage all your server files via the File Manger. Upload, edit and delete files.
    Upload your own world or plugins easily via an sFTP connection. More explanations can be found here
  • 2FA protection
  • Download all Spigot plugins easily via the panel.
  • Online console
  • Database management
  • Add users and choose what they can and cannot do. This way you can easily collaborate on your Minecraft Server!
  • Modpack management
  • Download alle Spigot plugins gemakkelijk via het paneel.
Wisp panel